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Pompa electrica barca Bravo BST12 800

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  • Pompa electirca barca recomandata pentru barci gonflabile pentru atingerea presiunii atat a baloanelor barci cat si a podinei gonflabile de inalta presiune. Se opreste automat cat atinge presiunea selectata.
  • Automatic cut off when the chosen pressure is reached.
  • Powerful airflow 450L per minute.
  • It features brass gearing in a turbine and piston pump.
  • Pressure select-able by rotary dial: up to 11.6psi.
  • Supplied with a cable with 2 crocodile clips, carry bag, hose and multiple connectors Ideal for fast inflation of inflatable dinghies, water toys and tubes.
  • High-pressure performance ideal for inflating air rib floors to correct pressure.
  • Inflates & deflates.
  • 21mm ID Hose.
  • Reduced current consumption and higher reliability.
  •  Se aduce cu precomanda in 4-5 zile lucratoare