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Cosul tau este gol

Lanseta casting Graphiteleader VELOCE UX 21GVELUC-74X R-Fast 2.24m 3oz 84gr EX-Heavy

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O lansetă puternic care acceptă naluci hard si soft de dimensiuni mari, naluci de la 1 / 2 oz, pana la 3 0z (84gr)

Disponibil din Aprilie 2022


Lungime: 2.24m

Putere: EXH

Actiune: Regular Fast

Greutate: 162gr

Varf: 2.1mm

Sectiuni: 2, cea mai lunga: 190cm

Naluci recomandate: max 84 grame

Fir recomandat: max 25lb


More tenacious blanks, comfortable operation, more sensitive performance. Graphiteleader can provide you the best blanks required the performance to actual fishing.

By weaving carbon fibers arrayed crossed in the 45° direction, it is molded thicker while improving the uniformity and the directionality of the laminated density than the fabric, so it is suitable for strength against bending, twisting and compression. It will demonstrate even better characteristics. As a result of this, the blanks are quickly restored (shape restoring force), so energy losses are kept to a minimum, and feeling of playing, good swinging, casting distance, accuracy are realized.

Composite fabric of Kevlar fiber and carbon fiber have high strength and excellent impact resistance. It has outstanding strength and feeling which could not be done with carbon alone. By blending with a bias cut against the blanks, the multi-axis effect is demonstrated, and the strength in the twisting / crushing direction / the following performance of the blank was improved.
※Adopted only for fishing rods

Esagonale Graphite Cloth is a 6-axis cloth fabric with carbon slit tape assembled to form a hexagon. Medium Elasticity High strength and high elasticity Carbon fiber is made to exhibit the most superior performance in terms of physical properties and contributes to the strength increase of the fishing rod as a three dimensional structure. In addition, this multi-axis assembly fabric is the highest and strongest multiaxial assembly fabric that can be tenaciously received flexibly against force from all directions.
* Adopted only for fishing rods

Lightweight Graphite Cloth is the super lightweight fabric that has the lightest weight among fabrics. With the feeling of graphite cloth intact, the degree of freedom of layout increases, bringing a new feeling.
* Adopted only for fishing rods

This 4-axis cloth is a unique 4-axis cloth made by Olympics and it is possible to make a blank with light feeling of rigidity by inclining the angle of fiber diagonally arranged to 63.4 ° and making it higher density. A multi-axis structure by combination with other 4-axis cloth and plain weave carbon can realize a blank performance with even higher performance.
* Adopted only for fishing rods

The difference with graphite cloth is weight and molded thickness. It is a thin fabric made up of about 10% lighter weight, while maintaining the fiber composition ratio of vertical and horizontal. Unlike graphite cloth, it looks like a graphic pattern, which is also a feature of the carbon pattern, and it also has a visual impact that it is light but strong.

Super Quattro Graphite Cloth in which the fiber is wound with precise fine pitch and the modulus of the fibers in each direction is made high and the movement performance has been remarkably improved.

The only weak point of the graphite cloth that produces a feeling cannot be achieved with unidirectional fibers alone was the weight. However, when considering the layout that combines the balancer, an outstanding feeling was born. By changing the angle with respect to the blank, we were able to adjust the balance of twist / crush stiffness so that the best feeling is born.

We raised the elastic modulus of graphite fiber more than graphite cloth and made it much lighter. It is a high grade fabric that contributes greatly to light weight while maintaining excellent mechanical properties that are characteristic of cross substrate, increasing the degree of freedom for layout on a lightweight shaft. Medium elastic carbon fibers woven vertically and horizontally generate high rigidity in all directions, pushing up the potential of the shaft to a better one.
* adopted only for golf shaft