Sonar Humminbird Helix 9 CHIRP Mega DI+ (plus) GPS G3N

DUAL SPECTRUM CHIRP Newly developed, improved CHIRP sensorImproved target separation and thus an improved distinction between two targets such as objects and fish. This way, fish can be found even better on the bottom.Finally, fish sickle shapes that are now as...

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Newly developed, improved CHIRP sensor
Improved target separation and thus an improved distinction between two targets such as objects and fish. This way, fish can be found even better on the bottom.

Finally, fish sickle shapes that are now as good as those of Garmin, Lowrance or Raymarine with a 42 ° coverage by the dealer

Full Beam: 150-220 kHz - improved target separation
Wide Beam: 140-200 kHz, 42 ° - maximum coverage
Narrow beam: 180-240 kHz, 25 ° - improved ground view

MEGA performance with megahertz

Down Imaging continue to work in the megahertz range, so to say MEGA power with mega-reality. Looking down and looking at the pages now reveals maximum detail as the resolution quality has dramatically improved over other kilohertz devices. The quality of the presentation is almost photorealistic - also thanks to the high-resolution display. Under perfect conditions it is said that one could even find the fish species ... This is further supported by SwitchFire and Time Variable Gain (TVG), which ensure that fish sizes are displayed in different depths in real predictable sizes and above all on the display be shown so that we can see them too. With a little practice, the size of the target fish should be roughly determined.


MEGA Down Imaging with CHIRP

MEGA Imaging is an absolute evolution of classic Down Imaging. With Humminbird MEGA Down Imaging, the Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N sonar can deliver photorealistic images in a new, unrivaled quality. This is possible due to the high transmission frequencies. Instead of working with usual 455 kHz is transmitted and received here in the megahertz frequency range. 1.2 MHz are possible. This succeeds sometimes with the brand new HDSI encoder. The resolution and clarity is looser by a factor of 3 than in classic SI and can also recognize contours and fins of fish. The Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + G3N Echosounder also has real chirps in down-imaging and SwitchFire. As a result, photorealistic images are possible, which are not reached by other devices in terms of clarity, detail and resolution in combination with MEGA Imaging.

Broadband Chirp Sonar

Equipped with true broadband Chirp 2D sonar, the Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N echosounder can capture super clear and detailed images. Even a close-knit school of fish can be separated individually and a lurking predator can be identified in the picture. True broadband chirp is fundamentally different in performance from the pseudo-chirp of many other echosounders. As an indication, the frequency band to be chirped can be freely selected (low, medium, or high chirp). Most importantly, you can set the start and end frequencies of each chirp. The Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N echosounders are among the few that are capable of doing just that.


AutoChart Live

You want to create your own water map, no matter where and what live? Then you're in the right place with Humminbird's AutoChart Live - and with this great system, live mapping is only possible, as it is only possible with Garmin. It even automatically picks up soil hardness and vegetation and can overlay it with freely selectable transparency via Navionics' electronic nautical chart.All Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N echosounders have this ingenious feature. You have up to 8 hours of recording time in the depth sounder available - a kind of trial subscription. For endless folders, you then need the additional Zero Line SD card, which provides the internal device memory for several years of water exploration. Incidentally, the Zero Line SD card is also included in the two PC full versions AutoChart PC and AutoChart PC Pro.


Bluetooth Interface

Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N echosounders have an integrated Bluetooth interface. With this the sonar is not remotely controllable (there is an optional RC-2 remote control) but you can pair it with your smartphone to display calls, text messages, signal strength and battery status on the Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N. This is useful if you want to protect your smartphone from water and do not want to expose you to the harsh fishing routine.


Wireless operated

An optional Bluetooth remote control allows you to operate your Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N sonar from every angle of your fishing boat. You can set waypoints, zoom, adjust the sensitivity or jump between your favorite views at the touch of a button. Thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology, this is possible with the Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N fish finders. The remote control is fully programmable - you can assign any function to any button: power on or off, operate the 360 imaging transmitter, or save an i-Pilot LINK Spot-Lock anchor function to keep your fishing boat in place in the wind and weather.Ingeniously practical, incredibly easy and a dream come true for every boat angler.


Dual SD card slots

Each Humminbird Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N Echo Sounder is equipped with two SD card slots. So you can work with Navionics nautical charts and at the same time in the second SD Karteslot save waypoints, screenshots, sonar data and recorded tracks. The second SD slot optimally fits your Zero Line card for AutoChart Live data, allowing you to create custom depth maps. So you have the full range of options and significantly more fish and safety on board at the end of your fishing day.



The Helix 9 CHIRP G3N series from Humminbird is networkable thanks to the built-in Ethernet port. This allows you to network multiple devices, share waypoints and many other data. By Ethernet you can ingeniously choose between different encoders - e.g.a Minn Kota US2 Sonar or a Humminbird 360 Imaging Encoder, which will then make it available to all echosounders on the network, if you wish.



Humminbird Helix echosounders are compatible with the Humminbird autopilot system. This takes over the control of your boat and keeps your course even in wind and wave. You can take the direct and shortest route to the destination as well as a special route, both set up in seconds. The autopilot system is not only comfortable and safe, it also helps you to save fuel.


NMEA 2000

The NMEA 2000 port makes it possible to transfer external data directly to your Helix 9 G3N. Such data can come from very different devices. Data from the boat engine such as tank capacity, fuel consumption or the current speed or even weather data from external modules are possible, for example. No matter what comes up in your control center sounder screen - you keep an eye on it. All you need is a connection to the NMEA 2000-capable devices and all the data is already present on your echosounder.



That such a MEGA echosounder can do more than just fish sickles, is clear. That's why it also has Bluetooth and NMEA interface and is fully network ready. Build your own Ethernet on board. Turn the Humminbird Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI + (plus) GPS G3N into a control center. Engine control, access to second- and third-party echosounders or smartphones with text messages and call display and of course a remote control with the Humminbird RC-2 remote control from all areas on board. Even iPilot or the Humminbird 360 Imaging all-round sonar can be connected. And it's not complicated, you do not have to readjust everything with difficulty. Three speed-dial buttons can be programmed for a perfect setup and are ready for use at the touch of a button.

Weitere Features

  • Zoom function, screen splitting and bottom look
  • Fish ID
  • integrated temperature sensor
  • Waypoint plotting and route recording
  • Frequency-switching
  • 2D mode with DualBeam Plus
  • GPS tracking
  • adjustable scrolling speed
  • acoustic and visual fish, depth and temperature alarm
  • Encoder frequencies 83/200/455/800 kHz / 1.2 MHz
  • Compatible with Humminbird 360 Imaging, AIS, external GPS antenna and PC
  • Ironing or built-in installation
  • German menu navigation (additional 24 languages pre-installed)
  • Rear mounting with encoder and 6 meter encoder cable




  • Max. 450 m or 61 m (DI) water depth
  • Fish ID + ™, display of fish symbols with depth indication, A-scope (RTS indicator)
  • Structure ID®, soil structure display
  • Adjustment of the image processing speed
  • Large and easy to read, digital numerical values
  • Depth alert, fish alert (for all three fish sizes)
  • Manual or automatic adjustment of zoom, sensitivity and depth range
  • 22,86 cm (9 in) TFT color display with 1,500 cd / m², 480 x 800 pixels, 65,000 colors, LED backlight
  • Compact control unit, tiltable bracket bracket
  • Memory for the settings made, simulator, German menu navigation
  • Power supply, current consumption: 12 V DC, 1.9 A
  • Nautical chartplotter and integrated GPS antenna with 10 Hz (for NAVIONICS® + charts Goldcharts & Platinum +, Humminbird LakeMaster, Humminbird AutoChart and Humminbird AutoChart Pro)
  • Integrated map: Humminbird ContourXD
  • 2 SD card slots
  • NAVIONICS Easy View - Texts in the nautical chart can be displayed larger
  • Humminbird AutoChart Live - Recording the depth lines in the device
  • Waypoints, Routes, Track Lines: 2500, 47, 50/20000
  • Software update via SD card
  • With Ethernet port for Minn Kota® iPilot® Link ™, 360 ° Imaging ™, Bluetooth remote control, autopilot, HD CHIRP radar, AIS, NMEA 2000®, GPS antenna with compass, 5-port Ethernet switch (optional accessory)
  • Bluetooth for remote control RC1, display of phone calls, text messaging and much more

Technical specifications:

Display size (diagonal): 9 inches (22.86 mm)
Pixel matrix: WXGA 400V x 800H
Display Type: TFT color
Backlight: LED

Communication: NMEA 0183, Ethernet
Power consumption: 10 to 20 volts DC
Power consumption: 1.9A
IPX rating: IPX7 waterproof / submersible at 1 meter for 30 minutes

Bluetooth frequency range: 2402 to 2480 MHz
Bluetooth output power: 10 dBm typical

CHIRP MEGA Side Imaging + Transducer: XM 9 HW MDI T
(includes built-in temperature probe)

Down Imaging Working Frequency: 455 kHz, 800 kHz, MEGA
Achievable depth:
455 kHz: 400 ft (122 m)
800kHz: 125ft (38m)
MEGA: 200 ft (61 m)
Coverage area:
455 kHz: 75 ° @ -10 dB in 455 kHz
800 kHz: 45 ° @ -10 dB in 800 kHz
MEGA: 75 ° @ -10 dB in MEGA kHz
Output power (MAX): 500 watts (RMS), 4000 watts (peak to peak)

Dual spectrum
Standard operating frequency: 150 kHz - 220 kHz
Achievable depth: 1000 feet (305 m)
Coverage area:
Full: 42 ° @ -10 dB at 150-220 kHz
Wide: 42 ° @ -10 dB in 140-200 kHz
Narrow: 25 ° @ -10 dB in 180-240 kHz
Output power (MAX): 500 watts (RMS), 4000 watts (peak to peak)