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Pretul este pentru un blister 8 buc Really shape soft bait that can be used as a sinking minnow  Vivid live Saltwater gaming fish such as sea bass tends to sort predators by visual elements. Unlike Freshwater 's game fish, there...

Smith Vivid

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Pretul este pentru un blister 8 buc

Really shape soft bait that can be used as a sinking minnow 
Vivid live

Saltwater gaming fish such as sea bass tends to sort predators by visual elements. Unlike Freshwater 's game fish, there is a form that resembles a bait rather than a form that tickles the curiosity of a fish. 

That's why Vivid live pursues a natural feeling unique to soft baits. I pursued the basically fish-like appearance by wiping out the concept of a conventional worm that tended to be earthworm-like in most cases. 

As a savior when the reaction to the hard lure became thinner than the vertical structure which is attacked, it is a spot which is not impregnable because it is a soft bait. Because it is a soft bait, there are things that you can do, unless it is a soft bait. Please try by all means Real Bite Fish Softbait, Vivid live.


Pursuit of baitfish richness thoroughly. Expressive power unique to soft bait 

Transparent feeling that can be reproduced because it is soft bait, gloss, and flushing by lame. In order to take full advantage of them, plain processing was done on the surface of the body without daringly providing ribs and scale patterns. And, as for the body form imitating the baitfish, it is, of course. 

And at Vivid live is equipped with real dome eye of same material. It is an indispensable point to bring out baitfish richness. 

Vivid live took full advantage of the baitfish appearance that can be expressed because it is a soft bait. You should be able to convince yourself if you see the figure actually swimming underwater.

Large shad tail reproducing the baitfish's swim 

Vivid live not only has an appearance, its swimming is also pursuing the likeness of baitfish. The strong wave generated by the large shad tail is converted to wobbling action of the whole body together with tight body material (In the case of a jig head rig, the more it is the light jig head, the stronger the wobbling will be.) 

Tail action itself also slow to fast retrieve a wide range of correspondence. Vivid live is just baitfish even that swim. 

Baitfish taste and smell 

For Vivid live, we combined fish formula extracted from fish. 
* The material suspected of environmental hormone is not used for Vivid live

Assist hook attachment for overcoming tough situation

Before and after the tide stoppage, daylight etc. There are minutes in the soft bait with a soft wave under circumstances where the bite is far from the hard lure. However, with the rigging method including the jig head rig, it was also a fact that it was difficult to pick up the short byte of the fish that gave rise to eating (especially in the case of sea bass, treble hook has a minute because it often carries a short byte like a collision). 

In Vivid live, in order to make the most of the soft bait tough condition breakthrough capacity, it corresponds to the installation of the assist hook. If you attach the assist hook, you can easily use it for anyone with the feeling of sinking minnow. 


  1. Support hole for facilitating installation of assist
  2. Leading hall which is easy to pierce the jig head straight

Installation drawing 

Installation procedure * It may not be able to pass the swivel ring due to the barb size of the jig hook.Please check it after installation. 
* Assist hook mounting method is not limited to swivel connection. Please enjoy tuning in a free way. 

(1) Insert the swivel in the support hole of the abdomen

(2) State with swivel inserted

(3) Pierce the jig head. Pierce along the leading hole

 (4) Let the needle point pass through the upper ring of the swivel.Please work while checking the feeling that the needle tip and the swivel contact inside the main body. If you feel that the tip of the needle passes through the ring on the swivel, if you press the swivel side, you can successfully pass the barb portion.

 (5) Confirm that the swivel can not come out and pull the needle tip to the back side of the worm

 (6) I attached a swivel and a jig head

 (7) Completed with split ring and hook mounted!


It is important to distinguish rigs according to target fish and target field. The most common one is the jig head rig. If you aim for rock fish with rocky reefs etc., it is also recommended to use it in Texas Rig or Carolina rig. When setting the offset worm hook, the swing posture is more stable for the slightly thicker hook.