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Vobler Smith D Contact 85

2 unitati ramase

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Legendarele voblere scufundatoare Smith  D Contact au schimbat total pescuitul pe raurile repezi dar si pe lacuri, aducand capturi impresionante in apele din Romania la pastrav de rau dar mai ales pe lacurile montane. 

Dimensiune: 85 mm

Greutate: 14.5 gr

Sinking (Scufundator)

Ancore: Cultiva ST-36BC # 6



Large flight distance and shooting power

Silent fixed tungsten weight that cuts air. Ultra-thin body weighing 14.5g.

Withstanding water pressure swim balance

The flow of various situations, reeling speed and rod action do not jump to the surface of the water.

Appealing power

Wobb & roll and annoying build. Tiling hits and dirt. Slide swim if you jerk.

Inertial slide

Inviting a bite by "inertial slide" that shifts to a slow-moving, slow-moving region that occurs between actions.

Crane swivel specifications that firmly determine hooking and thoroughly eliminate disparity by rotating 360 degrees to maximize hook followability.

Range control

Unlike floating, which relies on the water pressure received by the lip on the lip, the heavy sinking has a dive ability in its own weight, and the depth can be controlled at will by the action, rod angle, and reeling speed.