Sebile Stick Shadd 90 Sinking


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The "Stick Shadd" has a narrow keel, which extends over the entire underside. This keel ("Power Keel") allows a completely free bait game and gives it its stability under water. It changes direction effortlessly, hissing unpredictably to the right or to the left, up or down. You never know what he's going to do next. Sometimes he shoots half a meter to one side or in another direction. Sometimes he hisses up, sometimes he dives down. Unpredictable for his pursuers, he therefore provokes all the more aggressive attacks.
This bait irritates any predator from perch, asp, pike to the strongest fighter of the seas. And for everyone there is a "Stick Shadd" in the right size! Another technique is called "Pulls & Pauses": Here you put the "Stick Shadd" with a strong sideways move to accelerate. In the following break, he then spins back to the starting height. If you crank it up or drag it, the "stick shadd" glides from one side to the other.
The sinking models vibrate in the sinking phase and pretend a battered and trembling prey fish. Therefore, one should also expect hard bites in the sinking phase. Who knows how to deal with him - and that's really not difficult - will not want to do without the "Stick Shadd".

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