Rebelcell Baterie START 12V/12Ah

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Rebelcell Baterie START 12V/12Ah

  • Compacta si usoara: Cantareste doar 1.5kg si inlocuieste o baterie clasica pe plumb de 30kg. Salveaza 70% din spatiul ocupat de o baterie clasica.
  • Usor de folosit:  Potrivita in orice fel de conditii meteo. Se reincarca automat de la motorul barcii. Nu necesita intretinere, dotata cu display pentru voltaj.
  • Instalare usoara: Inlocuiti bateria de plumb cu Rebelcell Starter.
  • Performante de top: Curent de start 300A (@ -12°C) to 470A(@ +15°C).
    Potrivita pentru toate motoarele pe benzina de pana la 200CP in orice conditii meteo.
  • Fiabila si rezistenta in timp: BMS va protejeaza bateria de descarcarile profunde, curenti de incarcare mari si de temperaturi extreme. Durata de viata estimata : 10 ani.
  • Garantie: 2 ani.


  • 1For optimal performance of the battery we recommend to charge the Start with the Rebelcell 14.6V3A battery charger, prior to first use or when the Start is deep discharged, In normal use the Start is recharged via the outboard alternator.
  • 2The Start has been designed as a starter battery for outboards up to 200 Hp only. It is NOT suitable to start other machinery or equipment (such as cars, caravans, RVs, tractors etc.). It is also NOT suitable as power supply for marine electronics, depth sounders, lighting etc. You always need to connect such equipment to a separate battery.
  • 3The Start is splash-water proof according to the IP54 standard. It cannot be fully immersed in water or handle heavy rains. To avoid problems install in a battery compartment below deck and protect from rain or water.

Chemistry - LiFePO4
Voltage -12.8V nominal
Capacity (C1-C20) - 12Ah
Nominal energy - 153 Wh
Max starter current (5s pulse) - 300A (-12°C ) 470A (+15°C )
EqPb (comparable lead starter battery) ~ to 30 kg
Lifetime (#charges) (@ 80% DoD) - 1500
Size - 150 x 87 x 130 (mm)
Weight - 1.5 Kg
Energy density - ~ 100 Wh/Kg

Bandwidth voltage - 10.0V -14.6V
Charge temperature - 0°C - 45°C
Discharge temperature -20°C - 55°C
Storage temperature -20°C - 45°C
Charging profile charger: 14.6V max 10A, CC/CV
outboard alternator: 14.4V-14.6V max 75A
Maximum alternator charging current 75A
Integrated cell balancing yes
Temperature protection yes
High voltage protection yes
Low voltage protection yes
Maximum discharge current protection yes
State of charge indicator yes