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Minn Kota Terrova BT 80 / i-Pilot - Ax 152cm fara pedala

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Seria neagră Terrova de Minn Kota este apreciată de pescarii de apă dulce de ani de zile. Sunt deosebit de convingătoare în ceea ce privește puterea, ușurința în utilizare, fiabilitatea și caracteristicile excelente.

Minunata este noua functie de jog, cu care iti poti muta automat barca de pescuit in orice directie dorita cu un multiplu de un metru si jumatate. Aveți întotdeauna mâinile libere pentru pescuit, ceea ce este ideal pentru orice pescar cu barca. Caderea marginilor sau platourilor devine o plăcere. Advanced AutoPilot și CoPilot fac navigarea confortabilă și foarte ușoară. Cruise Control vă permite să mențineți viteza prestabilită, indiferent dacă curentul, valurile sau vântul vă mișcă barca. Acest lucru permite o rulare consistentă a momelii, care nu ar fi niciodată posibilă cu control manual.

O caracteristică nouă și absolut practică este pârghia pentru asigurarea și deblocarea motorului în poziția de oprire. În trecut, trebuia să te dai în genunchi laborios și să faci un efort suplimentar, dar acum o atingere ușoară este suficientă pentru a-ți elibera Minn Kota Terrova 80 BT.

Lift Assist System

The new Minn Kota Lift Assist is already integrated in all Terrova models. It is a spiral of spring steel installed on the shaft, which compensates for the weight of the engine. Almost by itself, the Terrova slides into the water after a brief purr and locks in alone. Conversely, it is just as easy: Unlock and grab with one hand just under the engine, which is then absolutely smooth and, above all, soft to lift out of the water and locks in the holding position. A wonderful innovation for all anglers who make intensive changes of place, which often happens with modern predator fishing.



    The Spot Lock available on i-Pilot models allows you to re-experience your favorite fishing spots. With a few keystrokes, you can put a GPS anchor that holds you and your boat at your desired position. The novel jog feature lets you instantly navigate points at 1.5m intervals around your GPS anchor as new landmarks without incurring any additional operator effort.

Minn Kota did a really great job with the completely redesigned i-Pilot Bluetooth remote control. The significantly enlarged LCD screen, which has been completely antireflective and has a backlight, proves itself in practice absolutely. Another highlight is the intuitive and scrollable menu navigation of the i-Pilot remote control. Much has been done in terms of functionality and feel and it's fun to work with. Incidentally, this also applies if the i-Pilot remote control should have gotten wet. You can save 16 spots and these points can be controlled fully automatically at any time with the Spot Lock Recall function. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you can perform all software updates for the Minn Kota Terrova BT via the latest iOS and Android app quickly and easily. You can even control the Minn Kota outboard directly from your mobile device. Perfect for those who have forgotten the remote control at home.


Lowering / recovery assistant

The new engine mount makes raising and lowering the engine child's play: the balanced motor unit and the innovative locking system save you a lot of effort when loading and unloading the engine, while an automatic flip-up switch cuts off the power. The sprung lowering and recovery assistant helps to pull the engine out of the water or lower.



Digital Maximizer technology on all stepless Minn Kota engines

All Minn Kota stepless speed control engines are equipped with Digital Maximizer technology. This technique converts DC into a pulsating 20,000 surges per second. The amount of current supplied to the motor is adjusted by a rotary switch. As a result, no current is lost through resistors in various switching elements.
Motors with the Digital Maximizer technology remove the same amount of current at the maximum speed setting of the battery as equivalent motors with mechanical tap changer. However, at reduced speed by the digital microprocessor, the battery life of the battery is increased by up to 5 times. Especially for trolling enthusiasts, who appreciate accurate and low speeds, the Digital Maximizer technology is a huge advantage.

battery indicator

A test button will immediately show you the battier status, so you always know exactly how long you can stay on the water.


    i-Pilot preinstalled
    Foot pedal available separately
    direction sensor
    The i-Pilot remote control is waterproof and floats

Technical details:

    Control: i-Pilot BT / Smartphone via APP
    Recommended fuse: 60A (MKR-19 Circuit Breaker)
    Compatible Quick Connectors: MKA-21 (Black) RTA-17 (White)
    Voltage: 24V
    Power: 1344 watts
    Maximum current consumption: 56 amps
    Minimum power consumption: 14 amps
    Propeller: Weedless Wedge 2
    Battery indicator: Yes
    Compatible accessories: Micro remote control
    Traction: 36kg, 80lbs
    Shaft length: 152cm
    Weight: 13 kg
    Maximum boat length: 7.6m


    Minn Kota Terrova BT 80 / i Pilot Shaft 152cm
    i-pilot radio remote control
    operation manual


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